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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> good morning to you. straight up 5:00 a.m. i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. a story only here on nbc bay area, foster city's police chief is stepping in after a teen in the neighborhood has the entire neighborhood on edge. christie smith is live in foster city and she has more on this exclusive story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. certainly this is understandably upsetting for neighbors. they are concerned about the sexual assault and burglary suspect who was just let out on bail. tonight at 7:00, there's going to be a community meeting, sort of a neighborhood watch that was already planned but we're told that the police chief will be attending, also the senator to try and calm residents' fears and give them suggestions on what to do. the suspect is 18-year-old justin shing and the last two
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weeks police say he broke into two homes, in the first he stood over a 17-year-old girl's bed and touched her, then a week later police say shing broke into another home, this time they say he was on the ground when a homeowner tackled him and shing was arrested. >> when it happened the first time you think like okay, it's one event. then it happened again, and in the same block. for me this is a guy who is totally irrational. >> reporter: shing lives in the same neighborhood. nbc bay area tried to speak with him but he didn't want to. police say he has admitted to involvement in these cases. police reminding people to use good home security strategies, certainly lock your doors and windows when you can. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> police in arizona say a shooting outside the raters'
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preseason football game earlier this month may be a case of self defense. michael horan, a former police officer shot 29-year-old chris knight during a fight near the stadium. witnesses say knight, originally from the sunny veil area, was acting aggressively as they were trying to leave. the victim was shot in the face and lost his eye. he remains hospitalized. >> now to l.a., nine children and two parents recovering after being hit by a car across from a school that had let out for the day. police say the driver who will be 101 years old this week, was trying to pull out of a parking space when he backed up over the curb and right onto the sidewalk. some of the children ended up trapped under the car. four of those children are still listed in serious condition this morning. the elderly man who has a valid driver's license is not under arrest. >> turning to decision 2012, it was a bay area politician who
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stole the show in tampa bay. the speech by former secretary of state condoleezza rice, drawing praise across the country. rice addressed the convention and spoke about leadership and the challenges our next president will face. >> one of two things will happen if we don't lead. either no one will lead and there will be chaos, or someone will fill the vacuum who does not share our values. my fellow americans, we do not have a choice, we cannot be reluctant to lead and you cannot lead from behind. >> miss rice focusing remarks on america's role around the world and how mitt romney is ready to step up to the plate and be a global leader. some political insiders are calling rice's speech at convention presidential. and that's igniting speculation about her political future. rice included a line in her speech about her parents making her believe she could be president. but when asked about that comment, rice said she has no plans to run for the office in
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2016 but that hasn't officially silenced one strategist who told msnbc that rice would likely be hearing calls for her to run at least for governor of california in the near future. >> san francisco voters may get to have a say in the sky rocketing cost of hiv aids prescription drugs. the november 2013 ballot could contain the stop run away drug pricing initiative. its backers want the city to negotiate directly with drug companies to bring down prescription drug prices. the proposed measure names softer city based sciences, the maker of a pricey new h.i.v.-aids drug just approved, the cost, $28,000 a year, supporters of the initiative say it's more than most aids patients annual income. >> it's 5:04 now. a power struggle in south san jose has a group of neighbors demanding a fix from pg&e.
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160 customers say their power service is not reliable. they had a total of nine power outages this year. pg&e says birds caused seven of those nine outages. monday crews separated some power lines to try to allow for more space for the birds. pg&e did similar work in 2011, and it did not keep the lights on. >> if it's just birds on the wires and they wide at any space and that takes care of it that's awesome. i would love it. but i'm guardedly optimistic. >> pg&e tells us it is about to send out an apology let tear the residents and plans to give them a credit for the inconvenience. >> talking about safety improvements during his first year with the company and what comes next, anthony early jr. will hold a conference at the pg&e auditorium on market street. early joined the utility last september.
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today he will talk about changes made by pg&e this past year to improve safety and the facility's plans for the future. >> it's 5:06. we have good weather, heading into a holiday weekend, it's almost the weekend. just another beautiful day to talk about. >> you forgot one thing, jon kelley. this big beautiful full moon. it's spectacular. what a gorgeous live picture coming in from san francisco. you can actually see clearly we do have a little bit of marine layer formation but it's not that thick and high pressure is forcing it right down to the surface. you might find coastal drizzle but along the coast we're starting out clear in san jose. temperatures are 54 in napa and oakland. throughout the day today your hour by hour forecast tells the story. 78 at noon inland, up to 91 in the heat of the day so a warm day. throughout bay area, if you live in the inner bay you're going to get spoiled. not a lot of fog, 72 at noon, up to 78 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so.
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oakland, fremont, you're getting the best of the best. at the coast you're going to get that sunshine, not as warm as it was yesterday right by the water but still looking good for any sort of beach activities that will maintain as we head through the weekend. we'll talk about that. first we give mike the day off, filling in is anthony. >> that's right. he's out in disney land. we do have an incident on the bay bridge now. it's 80 westbound at treasure island off ramp. folks pushing the car over to the shoulder f. you are making plans to travel that way heads up for those folks, don't want to run into them. over on 580 making its way out from livermore, traffic is starting to pick up but no headaches even in the south bay we're seeing more yellow so that's an indication of more folks on the roadway. still, the good news is we're not talking about major accidents. let's show you the bay bridge toll plaza still slow so my life is easy.
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keep that the waxt back to you. >> looking smooth. kind of like that suit you're wearing. 85 sycamore trees have dodged the ax at least for now. the trees which line bollinger canyon road were slated to be cut down in june but complaints sending the city engineer back to the drawing board. city leaders meeting again on tuesday and more than 100 people turned out to support the tree. no final decision was made but agreed to install temporary barriers on a section of the roadway. >> 5:08. still ahead from the comment book to the silver screen to a tv series. >> reporter: and linkedin is expanding its footprint. we'll have a report coming up. >> the president says ask me anything and people do, we'll look at the answers coming up. nice for your car. chevron with techron.
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care for your car.
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chevron with techron. >> and this is a live look over san jose on a thursday as we get closer and closer to the weekend. christina loren says today is going to be nice before the temperatures drop off. if you have a chance enjoy it. it's 5:11. >> a major player in the social networking community is making big plans. linkedin says it's expanding its campus in the south bay. arturo santiago is live in sunnyvale with a look at the plan, also the growing concerns over what this could do to one stretch of highway 101. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. yes, this is a pretty big move for linkedin. on the 500 block of north matilda avenue, that's only about a half mile off of highway 101. let's look at this. not far away inç menlo park al in close proximity is the new
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facebook campus. imagine adding 3,000 linkedin employees to this traffic equation. seems daunting. linkedin has closed the deal to lease the 555 building till the year 2026. the regulatory filing also says that the company plans on constructing a new campus to accommodate about 2900 employees. the property has 580,000 square feet, the owners have agreed to tear down some smaller buildings to accommodate the campus. businesses in the area, they have extra revenue to look forward to once linkedin makes the move. what is interesting is that linkedin is expanding its footprint here in sunnyvale. there is another building with linkedin's name on it two doors down. the main headquarters will still be in mountain view. live in sunnyvale. i'm arturo santiago, "today in the bay." >> picking up where arturo left
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off, linkedin is one of the few companies whose stock has done well after the ipo. >> you consider you are comparing it to grew upon or facebook it has done very well. it started at $45. closed at $109 a share on wednesday's trading. it's been as high as $120, one of several companies found by former paypal executive. another company with the roots in paypal is yelp. its stock sky-rocketed after the lock-up ended. early investors were able to sell shares in the company for the first time. and i know what you're thinking, wait, facebook stock crashed on its first day of lockup. what makes yelp different? it would appear insiders -- short sellers, the people who bet that the stock's going to fall, they bought and bought shares to cover their positions and yelp jumped 23% yesterday.
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while yelp was in the black the rest of the market rather beige. kayla tausche joins us. good morning. >> good morning, scott. in the markets stock futures are lower after mild gains wednesday, markets started pushing higher just before the release of the feds report which found the economy is expanding in different regions of the country. analysts say that probably means while the economy is growing it's not recovering well enough to stop the fed from launching a round of stimulus programs. the dow rising 4 points to 13,107 and the nasdaq up 4 to 3081. it's the end of an era, sears is being kicked out of the s&p 500 index after the close of trading next tuesday. sears ro buck was one of the original members of the s&p in 1957 thoxt the stock is not
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exactly the same company. after emerging front bankruptcy kmart caught sears. the number of shares regular investors can buy and sell has been below s&p's 50% threshold for a long time. back to you. >> thank you much. president obama melted down a small corner of the internet when he logged on to the website redding and told users they could ask him anything which they did, pretty much at once, knocking the website off line for quite a while. there were standard questions, about the beer at the white house which the president answered. and thousands he didn't including one about the color of his tooth brush. this ask me anything or ama section is really interesting. it included a soldier injured in iraq and because they tend to be anonymous people answer the real
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things you wanted to know about, say, what happens on an airplane. >> what did he say about the beer at the white snous. >> it was delicious -- actually brewed at the white house and that they are going to release the recipe. >> that means they have nice parties up there. good to see voter asks the important questions. a check back in to find out what's happening outside. >> we're going to get spoiled again. not only are we going to get nice conditions inland or at the coast, usually have to give or take one any area is better than the other. going to be nice. temperatures aren't too hod, talking about low 90s, pretty close to average. but we're going to hold onto clear skies to start. if you have the day off, you want to hit the beach it's going to be phenomenal. had a lot of people posting how nice santa cruz was. we're at 67 right now in
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fairfield because we're starting out warm temperatures will likely hit mid-90s. warm air today, then an area of low pressure starts to drop in. this is going to change our pattern but only for a couple of days. temperatures are going to swing up and down as we head thorough the next three to four days. so it works out like this. peek heating today. most of the bay area cities reach their warmest. 70 in san francisco with clear conditions. then as we head into the holiday weekend, a lot of people want to make outdoor plans. as you should want to. on monday, 94 degrees, so getting to do all of the things you normally asht with labor day. barbecues, hitting the beach. so i'd say we all hop into john's winnebago.
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there it is. here's anthony slaughter. >> great. we are still talking about that accident. it's stalled that pushed off into the off ramp now in the eastbound area. the ramp comes together, so i want to give you a heads up. traffic is moving along smoothly but we get off at treasure island, also the east bay still no big issues here. some of the smaller streets, the highways moving along, right along very smoothly. let's show you what it looks like on the bridge. no headaches there. no news is good news. 101 northbound you can see starting to pick up on traffic as it heads into the south bay. and also one last check shows again good news. >> we can listen all morning
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long. thank you. you ever honderred if you had a way to find out where your fruits and vegetable come from? there is an app for that. they wanted to connect growers with consumers and did with it a sticker that carry as code so you can scan, that gives you all of the information about the produce including where it was grown, all the way down to a plot of land. the creators say it can be important when it comes to recalls. in the last five years, harvest mark says it made four billion items traceable working with thousands of farms. >> 5:19. marv marvel's super heroes coming to tv. who is behind the plot. >> live outside, look over san jose before the sun comes up.
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talking about the traffic, 5:19.
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>> welcome back. are you awake? if not look at your tv screen. that's a pretty shot. the bay bridge, traffic moving into san francisco early on this thursday morning. it is 5:22. >> they have dominated the box office and now the super hero organization behind "the avengers" is coming to a television near you. the producer of the film teaming up with his brother to create a new pilot called "shield." if you're not in that world it's the name of the organization that gets ironman, captain america and the hulk all together to save the world. makes you feel powerful watching. the tv show reportedly will be separate from "the avengers" sequel which is due to hit theaters in 2015. >> one of the stars of amc's "mad men" will be performing in
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the south bay. vincent carsizer known for his role as pete campbell will star in a new play called "the death of a novel" focusing on a writer and a loss following the terrorist attacks. >> have you seen "mad men? " >> i heard it's great. let's check in with christina loren who has mad weather. >> a great show, i can tell you. i do watch. temperatures are fantastic. no madness to report in the weather department. except for when you consider the fact you can swing your temperatures up and down. but really, no major extreme, no triple-digit heat as we het throughout the extended period and we've got a holiday weekend around the corner. we're starting out at 62 degrees in san jose this morning. inland cities about 78 at noon, 91 degrees at 4:00 p.m. in the
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heat of the day. what i can tell you is if you do want to make outdoor plans for this holiday weekend you'll want to see is the 7 day coming up. first, though, take a look at the drive. here is anthony slaughter. >> we're tracking some slowdowns as you make your way. here is a look at the congestion starting to build around the toll plaza. but no issues, one of our heavier spots of traffic is really starting to bog down, the altamont pass into the bay around 580 on the westbound side. definitely want to allow extra time. and also off the san mateo bridge, a slowdown there. you can see it outside, traffic is starting to pick up but it still is moving along so no issues and another advantage point will show you that we're looking at palo alto and that is flowing along. so no news is good news. >> thank you, anthony. how about this, a canadian newscast had an unexpected
5:25 am
guest. >> a bat swoops through the air while the anchors are live on the air. take a look. ctv ottawa was in their noon newscast when a bat flew into the building. with a few screeches and the help of some employees it flew out the side door. but it came back several hours later, luckily nothing was live on the air during its second visit. >> look at that. >> not good. little bats are freaky. have you seen one up close? >> yeah. not pretty. >> i have fears of being bitten and turning into a vampire. still to come on "today in the bay," a warning at a stanford shopping center. the man police are looking for in two sexual assaults. >> a teen accused of burglary and sexual assault living in the same neighborhood as his alleged victims. this morning only on nbc bay area find out what police are doing about it. >> it is now a tropical storm isaac, is moving on but the
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cleanup has begun. we'll have the latest on the damage. >> and this is a live look, san francisco's embarcadero all lit up on this thursday. looks good outside. we'll get a full look at the forecast when we return. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
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>> reporter: he's charged with peeping, sexual assault and burglary. now this 18-year-old is out on bail but residents in foster city are getting help tonight with their concerns over this. i'm christie smith. we'll have that story coming up. >> isaac moves out as cleanup crews move in. what's next for people living on the gulf coast. >> and we are also close to the three-day weekend. temperatures are going to change but for today, 90s inland, 80s bayside, 60s and 70s at the coast. your full forecast in a few moments. >> traffic moving along as we speak but the holiday weekend means closures. we'll tell you about an important one coming up. >> right now we take you live
5:29 am
outside for a look over the south bay, that is san jose before the sun comes up on thursday, august 30th, "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you one and all. thanks for joining us as always. the time 5:29. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. this morning a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. the foster city police chief will address a concerned community tonight after a teenager accused of sexually assaulting a young woman and burglarizing two homes is allowed back home. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in foster city with more on this exclusive story. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. concerned residents here in foster city are going to have good company when they hold their neighborhood watch meeting, that is they are going to hear from the police chief
5:30 am
and also senator leland ye and their thoughts about what people can do to keep themselves safe after learning 18-year-old justin shing is out on bail. he's accused of sexual assault and burglary and peeping and he lives in the neighborhood. in the past two weeks foster city police say he broke into two homes, one touching a 17-year-old girl, another he was in a bedroom when a homeowner saw him, crouched down and tackled him. he was arrested but with him out on bail neighbors are worried. >> i'm not taking it well at all. i want him gone. i don't think somebody who can stand to do something like this with the moxie that he had to do it does not deserve to be here. >> reporter: foster city police say he has admitted involvement in these cases. nbc bay area tried to talk with shing but he didn't want to speak with us. and police are reminding people to take appropriate security measures, lock your doors and
5:31 am
windows. reporting live, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> in palo alto, police releasing a sketch of a man they say sexually assaulted a woman at a stanford shopping center. a man looks like this approached a woman in the parking lot near nordstrom yesterday, groped her and took off. the victim, a woman in her 30s, described the suspect as an indian male about 30 years wold a medium build with a yellow-hooded sweatshirt. the same man is likely responsible for another sexual assault that occurred last week at about two miles away. >> leaders think new jobs will help crime. many youth attend class at the work for future center where they learn job skills. after graduating they are usually hired by companies that partner with the city to give kids with criminal records a
5:32 am
second chance. the program is run with federal dollars and nearly 300 kids take advantage of the programs every year. >> four men are behind bars and a potential home burglary foiled thanks to a neighbor who knew what to do. the san pablo woman looked out and saw four men studying her neighbor's house. she called the person who lived there. he was out shopping at the time and asked her to call the police. he did that and helped lead officers to the suspect. >> so this is my section that i pray for, we split it up with a map and i took it personal. that this is my area and i'm praying over my area and i don't want no crime here. >> nice work there. with the neighbor's help police captured four suspects in a stolen car. police say crime in that city is up 42% over last year at this
5:33 am
time. yosemite park is reporting a number of cancellations ahead of the weekend. park officials say campers appear frightened by the recent hantavirus outbreak. at least four contracted that in june, two ended up dying and two are recovering. hantavir ta virus is spread by mouse droppings. the park has alerted as many as 3,000 people who visited curry village over the summer. the park says all cabins have been cleaned. >> 5:33. the showdown expected in court today over key evidence in the colorado theater shooting. lawyers for james holmes are trying to keep a note book he mailed to a doctor from being used as evidence. it report lid contains details of a violent attack. the notebook is protected by dr.
5:34 am
patient privilege. holmes faces more than 100 attempted murder charges. he allegedly killed 12 people and wounded dozens of others. >> a former university of virginia lacrosse player will be sentenced for killing his girlfriend. george huguely could face up to 26 years of prison, he was found guilty for the beating death of 22-year-old yeardley love. >> people are waking up under water and facing a day of tropical storm isaac. that slow moving storm may not haved that strength of hurricane katrina but is leaving a mess. hundreds of people you can see in shelters as the storm blows through. the federal levees repaired following katrina have been doing their job. president obama declaring federal emergencies in hard hit
5:35 am
areas of louisiana and down in mississippi. >> no matter what, no matter how many times, tough to look at. >> a lot of people hoping to hang on. >> christina loren is in our studios tracking a very nice forecast. i love this shot this morning >> it's a nice looking morning. we don't have low clouds so thick that your visibility is reduced. we have a little patchy fog out there but not a lot. it's right to the surface. your temperature this is morning, comfortable, at 54 in oakland, 57 in sunnyvale, good morning in santa cruz, another beautiful day shaping up. but we do have large swells to tell you about. so stick around if you're a surfer. you can see mostly cloudy from san francisco to oakland but over the san francisco bay mostly clear as well as the
5:36 am
greater bay area. we stay clear about all day long. a little more cloud cover than yesterday and that means temperatures at the coast a touch cooler. your inland numbers about the same. i'm forecasting 91 at 4:00 inland, 78 degrees bayside. at the coast around 70. big time changes just around the corner as we head through tomorrow. first i want to get you out the door on time. here's anthony. >> we have slowing occurring. this is typical. so if you use that route arrow extra time. across the south bay all the well. we're following the typical slowdowns. over in the peninsula traffic is starting to move along. we were watching a slowdown. and let's show you what it's looking like. the headlights are moving along but no accidents to tell you about. 880 shows traffic picking up but
5:37 am
again, no accidents or incidents to tell you about. one thing to mention here as you head to the holiday weekend, if you use the dumb parten bridge that will be closed tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. to tuesday at 5:00 a.m. >> thank you. 5:37. mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus are the target the district will spray this evening. the target area is bordered by sand creek, sellers avenue, balfour road and brentwood boulevard. symptoms are fever, headache and fatigue. most people, they get better on their own but in rare cases this virus can be fatal. >> still ahead on "today in the bay," mitt romney is foyzed to accept his party's nomination at the republican national convention. >> right now how about a live look over san jose.
5:38 am
the sun is starting to peek up. today is full steam ahead. >> i know some of you are logged on and those who have not for the latest, find us on facebook.
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>> welcome back. this is "today in the bay." you're getting a live look downtown san jose. that is the hp pavilion. the street very clear out there. a lot of people already have today and tomorrow off. it's 5:40. >> i accept the duty to help lead our nation out of a jobs crisis and back to prosperity. >> this morning paul ryan is officially the vice presidential nominee, and tonight it's mitt
5:41 am
romney's turn, anticipation is growing among republicans what he will say in his speech to america. tracie potts is live in tampa with the latest. >> we know where he will do that speech on the stage which has been expanded. they have been under construction to make it a little bigger when mitt romney comes out tonight. analysts say he need as simple clear message, not only to undecided voters and swing state voters but to conservative members of his own party as well. on the stage paul ryan, his running mate, the vice presidential nominee, now that he has accepted, gave a bit of background about himself, introducing himself to the public but also he hit some of the hard issues including medicare that's been a big one for the party especially since ryan came on board, the democrats accused him of wanting to privatize medicare, ryan said last night medicare is a promise, we will honor it and we
5:42 am
know the difference between protecting a program and raiding it. we'll hear from the candidate, soon to be nominee, mitt romney tonight. marla. >> okay, tracie, thanks so much. >> 5:42. this morning we're learning more about the controversial book "no easy day" a first-hand account from a navy seal who was there when osama bin laden was shot and killed. the author wrote the book under a pseudonym but has been identified by several organizations. he says bin laden was looking out from his bedroom door when he was shot in the head at his compound in pakistan. previously the white house said bin laden was killed only after resisting capture. the white house claims the goal of the mission was to kill or capture bin laden. the pentagon is currently reviewing the book to make sure it does not reveal classified information. the author has been criticized by members of the navy seal who is have long operated under a code of strict secrecy. >> it's how you look at this.
5:43 am
could be good for the economy, possibly bad news for drivers. linkedin will soon expand its south bay campus as it goes into a hiring frenzy. arturo santiago is live with all of the details on this plan and why a large section of highway 101 could soon be very crowded. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this is actually linkedin expanding its footprint in sunnyvale. it has a building with its name on it two doors down. these are on the 500 block of north matilda avenue. the company announced it closed the deal to lease 560,000 square feet here in sunnyvale, the new campus would accommodate up to 2900 employees. according to the filing, the lease will run to 2026, creating a lot of revenue for local businesses. it could create a lot of traffic. when the time comes there could
5:44 am
be significant issues between this campus, about a half mile off 101, and the facebook campus which is also off the 101. there were major concerns over the traffic facebook would generate. the owners of the property have agreed to tear down a few smaller buildings to enable linked in to expand here. linkedin does plan on moving in in july 2014, its headquarters will remain in mountain view. i'm arturo santiago. "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 5:44. >> thanks, arturo. >> thanks. now meteorologist christina loren. >> i like to say thank you ar turks uro when i say his name. >> a latin girl here. good morning to you, it's not going to be caliente as we head throughout the afternoon. we're talking temperatures right about at average inland even the
5:45 am
warm spots. we're calling it very warm but i'm not using that h word, hot, until next week. let's start this picture. you can see we have low clouds trying to develop. we're not going to see a lot of cloud cover, not as crystal clear as it was yesterday but still just patchy fog right sticking to the coastal mountains. let's get to your temperatures. let's show you san jose as the sun is making an appearance, completely crystal clear. you have a clear shot of that full moon as we head through the next hour or so. then it's gone. throughout today, 54 in oakland, 54 in san francisco, at 57 in sunnyvale and 62 degrees, you don't need the coat in san jose. two competing systems, high pressure takes control so another warm day. as we led to the week this area of low pressure drops in from the pacific northwest, it's going to bring in very cool air and strong onshore flow.
5:46 am
waking up with mostly cloudy conditions, cool conditions abs and temperatures are going to drop off 10 to 15 degrees. so make sure you're ready. you have to pull out the sweaters. 70 degrees in san francisco. 82 in redwood city. we're talking about the 90s in fairfield, 96 degrees today. that's not too hot. it could be much warmer this time of year. labor day weekend looks fantastic. here's how it goes. saturday we're still on the cool side with mid-80s. sunday, look at that jump. temperatures tumble then back up to 97 degrees on sunday. that means beach weather. and you can hit the beach on monday. 94 degrees inland. 82 bay side and 73 at the coast. 5:46. this is when it starts to get busy. here's anthony slaughter. >> this morning we're still watching the alta mont pass. if you use that route allow
5:47 am
extra time for yourself but we don't have an accident there in the south day you can see a little more yellow on the map but no major incidents to tell you about. really a smooth go. the bay bridge toll plaza, we're starting to pick up but again, very nice for this time of morning. let's also show you san rafael. this is 101. and 101 on the other side of things in san jose into the south bay. again, moving along smoothly so let's keep that the way. back to you. >> thank you, anthony. 5:47. a week after being stripped of tour de france titles lance armstrong is still calling himself a tour de france champion. >> i'm a cancer survivor asked to talk about my stories, i'm the father of five, and yes, i won the tour de france seven
5:48 am
times. >> armstrong making those comments at a campus. you might remember he was struck with his official tour de france titles. armstrong never admitted to doping and says it will not impact his ferretable work with cancer research. >> interesting to see about his ultimate legacy. the largest paraolympics games under way in london. they got off to a rousing start. it was dwight bash. even the british royalty showing up. steven hocking began the ceremony reading from the stage. how about queen elizabeth. they didn't parachute in. a total of 4200 athletes are taking part. a noticeable absence, prince harry.
5:49 am
the prince's first public appearance since his forgettable vacation. >> lots of stuff. >> 5:49. coming up, the hottest little baseball team getting recognition from the big league. >> plus, stanford football throws out its play book. >> we'll take a live look at the bay bring toll plaza. we'll tell you about this and more coming up. [ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> giving you a live look at the fog making its way into san francisco on this thursday morning. a little windy as you can see from the flag. we'll get a full look at the forecast, 5:52. >> time to take you out to the ball game. some of the best amateur players are about to hang out with the hottest team in major league baseball. we're talking about the oakland a's tomorrow honoring the petaluma little league team which finished third in the world series, quite the run. the boys take the field with the big boys in a special pregame ceremony before the a's take on the red sox at the coliseum. the a's if you didn't know helped raise money for the petaluma team to travel to pennsylvania to compete in that world series where they put on a show. >> college football gets under way this weekend. stanford plays san jose state on friday and scott says they will use a new playbook.
5:53 am
>> the plays may be the same but the playbook is going to be an ipad. stanford is one of a growing number of football teams using ipads instead of the old three-ring notebook. there are a lot of advantages, if a player loses his playbook which happens, he's going to erase it remotely f. you add a play last minute you don't have to have every player come in to pick up a sheet of paper and add it to the book. you can send it over the internet. how slow is wall street? i don't know what the cans are for but dow added 4 points -- water -- 4 points. this past week has been the lowest trading volume all year. and samsung executives made their first public appearance in germany today since their billion-dollar spanking in a san jose federal court last week. the third largest in history. they announced a new tablet, the
5:54 am
galaxy note 2. this is not covered by the samsung verdict because it came after the jury decision but it may be the subject of a future suit. >> i guess that's the term now, the official spanking. >> billion dollars, potentially $3 billion is a darn good spanking. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren to find out what's happening outside. good morning. >> i put my violin away. temperatures are looking good this morning, we have a crystal clear view from san jose, that extends all the way through the east bay cities and temperatures even with the clear start like that are mild, about 60 degrees in san jose, as we head through noon temperatures lime into mid-70s, up to 91 in livermore in the heat of the day. 78 in oakland. and 70 degrees even in places like pacifica. a great beach day shaping up and
5:55 am
your beach days are numbered. we're talking about football fall just around the corner. talk about the holiday weekend, first, want to get to you work on time if that's where you're headed. here is anthony slaughter to help. >> you know we're watching 580 westbound that is slowing on the altamont pass. if you do take that route, allow extra time for yourself in the south bay things moving along very nice, no accidents to tell you about. so very nice. you all are doing your part. in the peninsula as well, a little green and yellow. things are moving along, no reds and no accidents either. let's show you foster city. the headlights are on and the fog not too thick but we're still seeing things move right along and also in the bay bridge t toll plaza starting to pick up but look at that sunrise. that looks good. back to you. >> that is beautiful. thank you very much.
5:56 am
we can tell you if you like roller coasters >> i love roller coasters. >> construction at santa clara's great america on the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in northern california. grab your seat. it's called the gold striker. it stands 108 feet high and will reach speeds of almost 60 miles per hour. the park plans to auction off the first rides and the proceeds to a charitable cause. we take the ride up. the proceeds will go to the 49er foundation which supports local children's charities and this ride is set to open up, i guess we have to wait, till next spring. >> gold striker. >> i like it. i'm a roller coaster span. have a picktic. i wish it was open now. >> 5:56. still ahead on "today in the bay." >> and there's many of us not eating or sleeping or anything worried to death that this man is down the street.
5:57 am
>> a neighborhood on edge after a teenager accused of sexually assaulting a young woman and burglarizing is let to return to his home. how police are responding. >> take you back out for another live look at san jose. hp pavilion all calm. it's 5:57. óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó
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5:59 am
>> coming up on "today in the bay," arrested for sexual assault and burglary and still living less than a block from his victim. the bay area case that has the community outraged. >> plus, the overnight announcement from linkedin that could be good news for the economy, bad news for drivers in the south


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